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Feedback about our Training

Acatt is a thorough and professional college. All of the tutors go above and beyond with their help and guidance. Can’t fault them. 100% recommend. Amber Austin
Certificate Equine Myotherapy ACATT (2023)

Christine was extremely helpful with all my questions on the phone, she was fantastic with advice and course details and I would love to study through them one day! Emily Atkinson
Chat with Christine participant (2023)

This is an amazing course. Supportive, patient and knowledgeable tutors who are really helpful and flexible to make studying easier. Being able to actually do this course online, means I have been able to do something that I would never otherwise have had the opportunity to do. Thanks so much ladies! It really has changed my dreams of a future around a career with my love of horses to reality. πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ Kerry Draper
Cert Equine Sports Therapy ACATT. (2021)

I'd like to say the most massive thank you to everyone at ACATT for all their support. I'm so grateful for everything that I have learned and experienced. Everyone has been so so amazing and supportive. It was super overwhelming for me to leap straight into a professional course from being homeschooled, not to mention travelling overseas for the first time by myself into a whole new place with new faces, but it turned out to be the most amazing experience and has made me grow and mature as a person. I can't believe that I've actually fully completed this course - I think it's only just hitting me now. I've learned so much. And not only course content. Thank you always for everything.
Shivani Bhatt, New Zealand
Cert Equine Sports Therapy ACATT. (2021)

Thank you all for the past couple of years that I have been studying with you! I have learnt so much more than I ever thought I would!! And I am so proud of myself for the work I have done and that I have completed the course. 😁 For now my studies have finished but this won't be the last you hear from me! I aim to be back studying in the future 😊 🐴
Sophie Lacey
Cert Equine Sports Therapy ACATT. (2019)

Thank you so much Christine, I really like how being able to talk to tutors is really easy at ACATT. I have struggled at uni in the past with being able to contact tutors to discuss feedback, ACATT college does really well at it!
I did my exercise physiology exam yesterday I felt it went really well! I wanted to sincerely thank you for another great semester I had an absolute blast at prac this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed the work, I cannot thank you enough for the work that goes into ACATT to give students such a good experience, I have loved it! Mollie.
Mollie Buckley
Cert Equine Sports Therapy ACATT. (2019)

Thank you so much for a great year Christine, Amanda, Louise and all the other tutors. this course has helped me have so much personal growth this year, it has made me far more confident in myself and moved me one step closer to achieving my dream of working with horses.
I have loved doing the Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy, and am definitely going to be doing ACATT's Diploma. Thanks to you all. Esther.
Esther Robbins
Cert Equine Sports Therapy ACATT. (2019)

Hi Christine,
My study horse is owned by an international showjumper, I treated her mare tonight and asked if I could come out next week, and she sent me this:
"Hi Jo, I have to say it is an absolute miracle to spend time with a knowledgeable horse person in Aus. Wednesday would be wonderful xx."
Christine, thank you for making this course hard and setting the bar so high so we understand our subjects xxx
Jo-ann Russell
Cert Equine Sports Therapy ACATT. 2nd Semester student (2019)

Morning!! I have been meaning to message you-thank you so very much for running the refresher! It was wonderful to catch up and continue learning your magical ways 😊 Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ
Kirsten Gillen
Cert Equine Sports Therapy. ACATT. (2019)

Thankyou so much! It was so great to catch up and "blow off the cobwebs" at our refresher week. It makes me remember how much I love connecting with horses and helping them feel their best!
Kimberley Nichols
Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy. ACATT.(2019)

I enjoyed my 2 days at the refresher workshop, I took away a lot from it, thanks for having me 😁
Euphemia McKerlie
Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy. ACATT. Student Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy. ACATT. (2019)

Thank you for a most wonderful refresher week, I have enjoyed my time immensely and loved plugging in to ACATT mode again. Thank you.
Liz Copeman
Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy. ACATT. (2019)

You are a fantastic teacher Christine. You are the most engaging informative and interesting teacher. You are very humble and extremely honest. You'll always admit if you do not know the answer, you do not have the "bluff 'em with bullshit" kind of attitude. With clients I always refer to you as the "Guru".
You are an incredible, compassionate, dedicated and downright awesome human, you are one of my favourite humans.
Thank you for your knowledge, thank you for listening and giving advice on work, school and a personal level.
So much love and respect for you Christine. It is an honour to know you.
Alice McManus

Highly recommend ACATT for anyone interested in pursuing a career in equine therapy. I have had first hand experience with the teachers and many of the students from ACATT, none have disappointed me with their knowledge, skill and care for horses.
Emma Cameron
ACATT Sponsored Rider(2019)

Christine's wealth of knowledge is amazing, she has given us gifts we could never repay her for.
Shauleen Rooney.
Dip Equine Acupuncture (2019)

Wow! I have studied all over the world, and I have never learned so much, nor been supported so well by any other teacher. Thank you Christine, your knowledge is second to none, and your ability to impart information effectively is magnificent. Such a great opportunity. Thank you so much for allowing me to come to Australia and study with you
Antonio Pallacio
Cert Equine Biomechanics (Video Gait Analysis) (ACATT)

ACATT College has been a life changing experience of learning for me. The courses are well designed and structured to broaden your knowledge and expand your horsemanship to a better level. Each subject provides a great platform to incrementally gain a better understanding and compliments the next. Whether you want to become a professional in the industry, or satisfy your own level of learning. There are many courses to choose from.
Kerrie Bell
DipETT Student

Christine, I have recently had one of your graduates here treating my daughter's horse. I must commend you on your training, she was the most thorough practitioner I have ever used, and I have been in the horse industry for a number of decades. She found things that physios, chiros and vets had not noticed, and her treatment of these issues resulted in resolution of a problem that has been concerning us for a while. That you for giving our industry great practitioners who are professional, highly knowledgeable and effective.
Helen Dillon

It is the knowledge we learn from you that stands us apart from other horse masseurs, and the fact we can ask for help and you give us more is the difference.
I love that you give us so much equine knowledge to pass to our clients, allowing us to share and help in many areas with a sound scientific background.
So different to many others we see out there practicing.
Many thanks for your consistent help and advice.
Shauleen Rooney.
Dip Equine Acupuncture

I love that you love sharing all this knowledge with us students!! Good on you Christine! You are such a thorough thinker and teacher. You have started passion in many souls
Kate Dixon
Cert Equine Sports Therapy (ACATT) (2018)

Hi Christine. I want to thank you for giving me such a good grounding in horses when I attended your massage course at the start of being involved with horses. Whilst totally 'green', in fact, bright green, at the time, I never forgot all the lessons taught. I am forever drawing upon your wise words, especially those about looking for the source of a horse's adverse or unwanted behaviour. I have a valuable resource library to turn to and a solid understanding of the biology and physiology of the horse. The course set me up to always keep an open mind and to continue my ongoing development.
Sara Dyer Student Cert EST (2018)

To finish the Diploma in Animal Tactile Therapy at ACATT (Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy) involves over 1,400 hours or theory and practical work, including 140 massages and 6 weeks of prac work. You cover in-depth anatomy, conformation, biomechanics, hoof care, nutrition and exercise physiology. We do basic relax, sports and remedial massage including myofascial release therapy, trigger points and swedish massage. We also cover alternative therapies like shiatsu, bowen, tissue salts, bach and herbal remedies. You know any graduate from ACATT has without doubt the most comprehensive education offered in Australia. In addition to the one and two year courses, ACATT also offers one and two day workshops for those just wanting to know enough to do maintenance massages, as well as specialised topics such as nutrition and gait analysis. Speak to the college principal, Christine Scully or check out their website for details of upcoming short courses. You can also check out their website for ACATT graduates near you if you are looking for a equine massage therapist near you.
Monique Batterham Winique Therapies

Thank you for your support, you guys are great at what you do.
Raine Pugh.
Cert EST,

Christine - another good plug for ACATT.
I went to massage a horse yesterday and was told it has ripped flesh off of people (literally).
When I got there it was ears back and all threats. I got the horse so relaxed that a couple of times it nearly fell over.
I could tell the scap was super tight but every time I went near it the horse got nasty. So I got the horse as relaxed as possible and did some leg circle work with the forelegs to get the area loose and went in and did the scap release.
The owner was amazed - the last massage therapist could not do that - and the last person was a Tafe horse massage teacher!!
Go ACATT!! And thanks Christine for being an amazing teacher.
Monique Batterham

Studing with you has been a fabulous journey, thank you so much.
Alice McManus
DipETT Graduate

As a new ACATT student, and having just completed my 1st prac week, I just wanted to say how very impressed I am with ACATT.
I have previously completed an equine massage course at another facility, and felt there was so much that I hadn't learnt. When I looked at course structure at ACATT, I felt it was what I had missed, but it is sooo much more than that.
I am blown away by this course, the professionalism, the support, the structure and the subject matter is incredible.
After only 3 weeks I feel more confident in my knowledge than after 1 year of the previous course.
The support in prac was amazing. Having a minimum of 3 tutors meant there was always someone able to help to ensure that by the end of the week we were using correct techniques in the correct manner.
Taking vital signs was never mentioned in the previous course, and while I am still not fond of taking the temperature, I understand the importance.
The comprehensive study of hoof care and anatomy as well as the behaviour all adds to us having confidence when we finish to go out and make an impact.
I could go on and on, but I just wanted to say how glad I am to be part of this, and to all the old, new and current students, how lucky we are to be a part of such a great learning facility. … I will admit though my mind is a bit blown away with all the learning!!!! But loving it. 
Michelle Coleman.
Student Cert EST (ACATT)

It's been a great year in Rehabilitaiton with you. I'm real happy with where we are at today, my rehab mare is still pretty green under saddle but we've had a few cantersπŸ˜ƒ she is still too fat but I exercise her every single day....even if it's just a walk around like in this rediculously hot weather!!! It won't end but I'm happy with her rehab
Kerrie Bell
Cert. EST

Thank you to the ACATT team for a full on week. It hasn't been easy and it's tested me in many areas. I'm more aware, I'm more able bodied and I have alot more belief in myself. I'm very excited to continue in my practice and hope to make a difference to the beautiful horse
Natasha Morin
Cert Sports Therapy Student

I am extremely excited about Elvis's progress. The two photos are of before I started treatment on Elvis and the latest one is of today.He still has a way to improve, but muscle tone, mental wellbeing and straightness has improved massively. He is no longer in pain and we are moving back into performance training.
Equine Rehabilitation Horse
Thank you for your guidance.
Alice McManus

Thankyou Christine Scully Alice McManus and Tracey for your support and guidance this past week. It has been challenging, exhausting but very rewarding and I am so glad that I have been given the opportunity to learn so many new skills. I am so excited to now start the real journey with all the equine partners that I meet
Melinda Coleshill
Student Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy

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