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Equine Nutrition

Let us Help you Refine Your Horse Diet
Equine Nutritional Assessment and Diet Formulation for all Classes of Horses
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Naturally Balanced Horse Feeding

What do our Equine Nutrition Consultations offer?
- Equine Health Assessment
- Horse Nutritional Analysis
- Horse Pasture Assessment
- Dietary Rebalancing
- Equine Diet Formulation

What we consider in your horse's feed:
- Age,
- Breed,
- Activity,
- Pasture Availability,
- Equine Health issues and
- Any special needs your horse may have
- Horse feeds you prefer to use
- What horse feeds are available in your area

What horse feeds we recommend:
- Generally we try to rebalance using the horse feeds you currently use
- In new diet formulation we suggest single feeds rather than mixes
- A natural feed to reduce input of nonnutritional compounds
- Horse diets with a basis of roughage, to maintain digestive health
- Those feeds that will provide the optimum nutrition for you horse

What will you receive from your Equine Nutritional Consultation?
- An independant equine nutritional advisor - hence no brands nor any of our products are pushed
- Full assessment of your horse's current diet using professional computer based software
- Printed report on current diet including full nutritional break down
- Printed report on suggestions to rebalance the diet.
- Appointments can occur via completion of our nutritional assessment request form
- or Home visit to assess the pasture and horse condition
- Follow up on tolerance of the diet will be undertaken 2 weeks and again one month following initial equine nutrition consultation

Why do we suggest natural horse feeds rather than commercial mixes?
- It gives us, and you, greater control over the feed your horse consumes
- Allows a more thorough assessment of content
- As many commercial feeds do not provide full nutritional content information, assessment is difficult, if not impossible
- We believe natural nutritional management is the key to ongoing health
- We find it is more economical to feed this way
- Allows more effective diet alteration at times of pasture change or deviations in activity, biological status
   or health.
- It removes the inclusion of feeds that contain synthetic vitamins and minerals. Some methods of commercial feed mixture production practices destroy vital nutrients.  
- No need to coat feeds in molassess to make it attractive to your horse

Take control of your horse's diet and ensure you know what substances your horse is ingesting.

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