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Professional intakes twice per year, February and July
Australia's Equine Therapy College and Equine Movement Clinic
providing professional care of the highest standard.

Approved Training Provider with International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Australia's premier Equine Therapy College providing certificate and diploma level education.

Highly professional Equine sports massage, acupuncture and nutrition clinic, providing:

Computer based equine gait analysis, sports therapy, remedial therapy, acupuncture, herb supplies and more

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About ACATT: The College and Clinic

We first offered the Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy in 1998, Demand for that course was high, and we had many people requesting that we also deliver other courses, hence in 2001 we formed the Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy. Forming the college allowed us to expand further and offer the courses our clients, colleagues and industry research had shown were required in the industry. We continue to do this today. ACATT courses are the most expansive in Australia, we ensure you have extensive education to enable you to become a highly proficient practitioner, a practitioner that is capable, professional, effective and sought after.

Located in Macclesfield, in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, ACATT is the only Australian college to offer quality thorough education in a range of subjects including Horse massage, Equine Sports Therapy, Equine Tactile Therapy, horse nutrition, health, gait analysis, conformation biomechanics and rehabilitation. Coupled with our college, we also run an Equine Therapy clinic providing professional services in Equine Massage, Sports and Remedial Therapy, Equine slow motion video, gait analysis and a range of herbal and natural therapy services.

Our courses are highly professional and indepth, with our horse massage students learning a range of techniques in their course, coupled with extensive education in the Equine Hoof, Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Health and Biomechanics. Our professional Equine Gait Analysis Certificate teaches specifics of equine assessment, and methods of video and measurement to allow complete assessment of the horse. 

All our courses have been developed following investigation into the Australian equine industry and the educational needs of those that work and play within it.

The aim of ACATT the college, is to provide the student with the latest study material and information in the field of equine tactile therapy and natural care. We aim to provide training of the highest possible standard in technical knowledge, innovation, ethics and safety.

Our tutors and assessors hold qualifications in training and assessment.  Our commitment to our students is to provide high quality education, within a supportive environment, and to advancing natural animal health knowledge, and hence through students, graduates and clients, enhance the quality of life for all species.

ACATT is a Platinum level Approved Training Provider for the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT), and our graduates are supported in their application to this association to enable effective networking within the industry and also access to insurance as a practitioner.

ACATT clinic follows the same principles as the college, to offer professional treatment of the highest standard, and assist our clients in learning about the issues facing their horse in their chosen sport.  We aim to lead them on a path of resolution and prevention as they work together to enhance horse movement and performance.

To achieve this we offer professional services in Equine and Canine Massage, Equine Sports and Remedial Therapy, Equine and Canine acupuncture, Video Gait Analysis, Rehabilitation guidance, Natural Care and Nutritional Management.  The clinic is set up with specific equine massage areas, plus a purpose build equine gait analysis track to allow us to fully assess and treat the horses.  We also treat  dogs, offering the same services including gait analysis.

Clients can elect to bring their horse to us at the clinic or we can travel to them.

The Macclesfield clinic provides also Rider Massage, and is a retail outlet for Herbs, Natural Products, Magic Goop and Joint Supplements among other products, and we are always happy to provide you with advice in relation to the optimal management of your horse, dog or yourself.

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