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Equine Myotherapy. Sports and Remedial Massage, Acupuncture

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Located in Macclesfield. Victoria.

Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Equine Myotherapist, Equine Acupuncturist

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ACATT Equine Myotherapy and Equine Acupuncture

Christine Scully
BAppSci(Equine Studies)Hons Class 1 (C.Sturt). Diploma Equine Acupuncture
Cert IV Training and Assessment. Cert Sports Massage (NMIT)
Cert Massage (NMIT). Cert. Nat (NMIT). Cert MFR
FEI Permitted Equine Therapist

Christine has been practicing professionally since 1996 treating horses, people and dogs. Offering Equine Myotherapy from Equine Sports Massage to Remedial Massage Therapy Canine Myotherapy plus Canine and Equine Acupuncture.

Identification and resolution of causative factors is a large focus in Christine's practice as she works to enhance equine performance and wellbeing. Throughout her years of treating Christine has found muscle tension transfers between rider and horse, it is not only of benefit to utlise an Equine Myotherapist, it is also beneficial for the rider.
Christine is Senior Equine Therapies Lecturer at ACATT, she enjoys sharing skills and knowledge, not only to ACATT students, but also to her clients. Christine will guide you in specific exercises, stretches, training management in relation to what was found in the session.
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How will ACATT Equine Myotherapy help your horse?
- Identify and reduce equine muscle restrictions
- Reduce muscular pain
- Reduce equine behavioural issues
- Enhance equine exercise performance
- Increase your horse's freedom and ease of performing in your horse sport
- Increase the range of motion in all equine limbs
- Increase the horse's length of stride
- Identify and treat any areas of discomfort and teach you how to too
- Reduce your horse's risk of injury as we enhance their ability to move freely
- Our techniques and advice aim to assist you enhance the performance and health of your horse.

Canine and Equine Myotherapy Services Provided 
- Acupressure
- Deep Tissue Therapy
- Equine Massage Therapy
- Mobilisation Techniques Joints and soft tissues
- Myofascial Manipulation
- Equine Myofascial Release
- Equine Sports Massage Therapy
- Canine Massage Therapy
- Sports horse training plan guidance
- Horse Rehabilitation guidance
- Christine also provides:
- Equine and Canine Acupuncture
- Dry Needling
- Herbs, Nutrition, Natural Therapies or, Rehabilitation as required

What to expect from our Treatment Sessions:
- Every one of our sessions will include full equine assessment prior to and following treatment
- We will assess for restrictions in joint movement, assymetry and for areas of pain or tension in your horse
- Assessment and analysis of your horse's movement
- If required we will check your saddle, its fit and positioning
- Your horse will be treated with one or more myotherapies, equine acupressure or equine acupuncture as required
- Following treatment reassessment will be undertaken to observe results
- We will provide you a plan for ongoing activities to strengthen and enhance recovery
- Plus we will guide you in carrying out the plan, inclduing how to assess your horse's response
- You will be given a full report of the session, including your plan.
- Full equine Assessment, treatment and reassessment may take up to 2 hours on the initial session.
- Subsequent sessions will be focused on the areas of concern and take from 1 - 1.5 hours
- Our services are not a replacement for veterinary care, we will refer you to a vet as required.

How often should equine myotherapy or acupuncture treatment occur?
Massage Therapies
- Sessions are based on the reason for treatment
- In the case of a pain or movement issue, weekly treatments are recommended until the issue has
reduced significantly. For most horses this is between 1 - 3 sessions.
- Once this occurs we recommend a follow up 2 - 4 weeks later
- Where the issue is found to not be muscular, you will be referred to the appropriate practitioner
- Using equine sports massage therapy to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury, is work dependent.
- We recommend Maintenance Equine Myotherapies be applied 4 - 6 weekly
- If acupuncture is the main form of treatment, a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended
- These sessions would intially be weekly and may extend to fortnightly
- In some cases further treatments at fortnightly intervals will be recommended
- In all cases a follow up session 3 - 6 months later will be booked

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