Equine biomechanics and gait analysis using slow motion video and computer base programs. Assessing equine movement for lameness and sports selection, Equine Rehabilitation, horse injury treatment and care, equine recovery..

Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Equine Video Gait Analysis - Computer Based Analysis

Christine Scully has been utilising video based Equine Gait Analysis since 1995

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Assessing Equine Movement Effectively

High Speed Video of Horses
Provides us with slow motion video to allow more accurate assessment of movement
- Can be used in assessing horses pre purchase
- Used to assess rider and horse interaction
- Used to assess the effectiveness of treatment
- Used to analysis movement annomalie and help locate the origin
- Is an adjuncto to Veterinary assessment
- Able to assist in identy of annomalies

Difference between slowing a video down and use of High Speed Camera
- High speed cameras capture more frames per second
          Anything from 60 to 000's of frames per second
          - Use High density video
          - With a lense that does not distort the image
- Normal Video cameras
          - Capture approximately 28 frames per second
          - at average to low density video
         - lense is often wide angle hence measurements are not as accurate
- Go-Pro
          - Captures video at 30 frames per second
          - possible to slow it down, however gaps will appear within the movement
          - Density remains far lower than with the specific High Speed Camera
- Mobile Phones
          - Some mobile phones have slow motion capacity
          - Tend to have significantly wide angle lenses - hence distortion of the image is significant
          - Cannot be used for analysis only for slow motion filming
          - Density is lower than that of a specific video camera.
          - Density is significantly lower than that of a slow motion camera
          - Do not inform you of the frame rate, hence measurements of time are not possible

Our Cameras
In full gait analysis we use:
- Miro 4 by Vison Research
          - capable of frame rates of up to 2000/second at high density
          - Set lenses to reduce distortion
          - Able to record issues post event to ensure we catch moments of interest
- Sony RX10
          - capable of filming up to 960fps at high density, which is equivalent to 40x super slow motion
          - lense can be set to reduce distortion
          - Can film constantly and record following the event guaranteeing the moment is captured in slow motion
          - Also operates like a normal video camera
          - easily transportable
- Mobile Phone - OnePlus Pro 4
          - used only as a quick on the job assessment tool

Our Facility
- Purpose built gait analysis track,
- Varying surfaces to alow analysis of the influence of footing
- Strict measurements utilised for camera placement dependant on the camera used
- Computer based gait analysis program to allow full measurement and assessment
- Horse holding yards close to the track
- Ability for horses to stay and be analysed throughout on going treatment
- Due to our choice of cameras we can be fully mobile.

Our Service
- Slow motion video of all horses treated
- Slow motion video of horse and rider to assist in training
- Slow motion video and basic analysis for prepurchase examination
- Full Video Gait Analysis for referral to the client's Veterinarian
- Full Gait Analysis to assist in assessment of the effects of training and or treatment.

- Gives a permanent record of movement
- Sees what the human eye cannot
- Able to assess at the canter and gallop, which the human eye cannot
- Allow full information for veterinary referral if required
- Allows riding instructors to show their students issues in position
- Allows riding instructors to show changes in the rider and horse combination over time
- Allows both owner and practitioner to view and discuss the movement seen
- Reduces lost training time as it provides a method to identify the location of issue early
- Allows accurate measurement of weight placement, joint action, length of stride and more.
- Clear visualisation of movement from a video frame by frame

Consultation Fees:
$120.00 per hour, to set up, film and fully assess the video plus generate a report. 
Time taken will vary dependant on the depth of analysis required.
Travel is also charged should we bring the system to you

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