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Workshop in Horse Movement, Training Assessment and Equine Fitness

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Assessing Horse MovementWatching Horses moveMarking horse for gait analysis

Assessing Equine Fitness and Movement Workshop

This two day workshop will provide the participant with  effective methods to assess the effectiveness of their training program.

We will also discuss logical training programs and who to ensure you are working within your horses capabilities.
You will cover:
- The normal vital signs of the horse,
- Assessing vital signs
- Changes to expect with work
- Changes to expect with training
- How to effectively assess your horse for health or unseen injury
- Understanding how to interpret vital sings and their relationship with injury or fatigue
- How to alter the training program in response to vital signs to reduce the risk of lost training time
- Maintaining soundness
- The use of Heart rate meters in fitness management,
- Assessment of equine movement

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