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Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Equine Rehabilitation and Training Guidance

Providing guidance to return your horse to their optimum performance, teaching you the process of effective training post injury

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Equine rehabilitation - ground work
Training horses
Horse Rehabilitation - long slow distance

Return to Optimum Equine Performance Post Injury

What do we offer?
All clients are guided in returning their horse to optimum performance through:
- Post Treatment Stretches
- Post treatment advice on activity level
- Post treatment advice on specific exercises to address the issues seen
- Education in how to stretch any affected muscles
- Education in how to apply any massage techniques if required
- Education in how to assess when the horse's work level can be increased

For horses requiring intensive treatment:
- Block treatment for  your horse can be arranged
- Daily treatment with the therapies agreed upon
- Specific activities and exercises -  as dictated by the severity of the issue
- Full Computer Based Slow Motion Video Gait Analysis at the clinic on commencement
- Repeat Computer Based Slow Motion Video Gait 3 days later to assess progress 
- Generally 4 - 5 days is adequate to make a significant change to the muscular issue.
- At the end of the program the owner is given a specific Rehabilitation plan.  

The rehabilitation plan is set up in 3 stages of retraining and includes
- Specific exercises, suggested frequency, duration and intensity of exercise, s
- How you assess your horse to know if they need the level of work increased or decreased at any time,
- A suggested time frame for each stage of the program
- A suggested time frame in which return to optimum would be expected.  
- Suggestions to test the outcomes of the program

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