Equine biomechanics and gait analysis certificates using high speed video (slow motion) and computer based gait analysis programs. Assessment Equine Injury and recovery. ACATT flexible online courses develop your highly effective skills..

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Certificate in Equine Biomechanical Analysis

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Certificate of Equine Biomechanics (Video Gait Analysis)

Are you a qualified equine practitioner, farrier, chiropractor or other equine therapist?
Do you ever ponder what is causing the horse's movement pattern?
Would you like a solid record of the responose to your treatment or training?
This course is for you.

Our biomechanics certificate is offered to qualified Equine Myotherapy Practitioners, Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Farriers and other qualified Equine Health Care Practitioners.

What will you learn:

- The theory of the normal parameters of Equine Biomechanics
- A thorough and effective process of observing equine movement
- The qualities that define an Elite Athletic Horse
- How to utilise this knowledge in selection of an elite equine athlete
- The gait patterns displayed with specific musculoskeletal conditions
- Utilising slow motion video to adequately identify the moment and area of concern
- Effective measurement of the effect of hoof balance on gait
- Computer Based Video Analysis to measure gait specifics in equine Selection, Performance and Treatment.
- The theory and practice of scientific evaulation of Equine Gait
- How to prepare the horse and the environment to gain adequate recordings for analysis
- Effective methodology of Equine Video Assessment.
- The uses, advantages and limitations of Equine Biomechanical Analysis
- Specifics of camera choice in gaining effective footgae.
- Maintenance of effective records

Extensive notes, access to a computer based equine biomehanics assessment program.

This certificate is delivered fully online
Runs over a 9 week period
Comprising theory, guided and self directed practical experience.
Submission of a case study following the online component.

This advanced certificate contains theoretical and practical components with supported guidance to ensure you have perfected the skills.

Full Course Fee: $2300.00

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