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Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Herbs for Horses

Providing your horse with high quality dried herbs.
Online, in shop or mail order herbs. Quality and reasonable prices are guaranteed.

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Our Herbal Supply Service

Why herbs for Horses?
- Being herbivores horses will often seek various plants as they need them.
-  Herbs have traditionally been used in the management of equine health:
                      - as part of the pasture in the form of hedge rows,
                      - dried herbs added to feed,
                      - herbal teas added to both feed and drinking water and
                      - tinctures administered in the same way or directly into the mouth.
- As horse people look for a more holistic approach to equine health management, they are beginning to realise the value of traditional herbs, as is becoming the case in human health care. 

The high quality of our herbs ensure that we are able to supply you with the quality needed to enhance the health of your horse.

- All herbs we supply are Human Grade
- Where possible they are organic or wild harvested
- High Quality

What we supply:
We provide single herbs and mixtures to support the health of your horse.
-  We use herbs that have been traditionally used to support wellbeing
-  We mix  herbs specifically for your horse, we do not sell prepackaged mixes

Why to we mix herbs specifically for each horse?
- To ensure your horse only gets what has been traditionally used for the issues at hand
- To enhance the effectiveness of the mixture
- To assist in reducing your costs
- Not all herbs are safe, in mixing individually we ensure the specific herbs given and their relative amounts
   reduce any risks for your horse.
- Premixed herbal supplements can be risky as herbs may be given that are in conflict with veterinary  
   diagnosis, recommendations and medications
- We are happy to provide you with advice, however this is not a substitute for Veterinary advice about
   your horse's condition.
- We will always request that you gain a diagnosis from a vet and request veterinary advice in relation to  
   any  specific condition your horse is displaying.  

How to order:
- Visit us:           111 Spillers Road Macclesfield
- Phone us:        03 5968 9788
- email
- Online Shop

Consultation is available:
- Can be arranged via
                  - phone
                  - email
- We offer phone consultation, paddock visits or clinic consultation. 

Within that consultation other modalities may be utilised for example Tissue salts, Flower essences, physical therapy or acupuncture. 

To email us to discuss your needs please click here To go to our herb shop please click here

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