Equine Massage Therapy, Horse massage, Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certificate and Diploma of Advanced Horse Massage online courses. ACATT Horse Massage College provides the most indepth and extensive horse massage courses available in Australia. Equine School where the online courses cover Equine Sports Performance, horse conformation, Manipulation (like Chiropractics), Physical therapy, Myofascial Release and more. .

Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certificate and Remedial Diploma

Professional training in Equine Therapy

Certificate of Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy
(Advanced Horse Massage)

2021 Autumn Semester
commences 8th February.

Course delivery and course fees have been altered in response to COVID-19 restrictions,
your course will be run Fully Online

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Equine Massage therapy Course, Equine nutrition and Equine Health Course Inquiry package

Australia's Professional
Equine Therapy College

Providing you with the highest level of
indepth, extensive education in horse massage techniques and
the most advanced practitioner level equine skills available in Australia

Equine Therapy Courses, including equine massage, sports therapy, equine nutrition, Equine rehabiliation and horse health.
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Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy

Semester commences 8th February 2021 with orientation week.

Your practical intensive will be run online, in a fully interactive format

The practical intensive for first semester Equine Sports Therapy will run online between 22nd - 26th February from 9am - 5pm

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Graduates of this certificate are professionally qualified practitioners,
- trained to assess and treat injuries,
- highly effective in treating sports related muscular issues
- extremely proficient at enhancing equine movement and performance
- utlise techniques to prevent sports related injury
- assist in development and management of training programs,
- trained to assess a horse's response to exercise and training and provide professional training advice
- develop and maintain equine sports performance,
- provide advise and assistance in the areas of handling and hoof care
- plus provide pre purchase physical and suitability assessment 

The certificate is run over two semesters, and students undertake extensive study in each of
their 2 modules.   Each module contains 4 subjects. 

Module One:
Anatomy & Physiology for Horse Masseurs
Horse Handling and Behaviour
Equine Hoof Care
Equine Tactile Therapy - Swedish Massage Therapy

First module practical requirements 
1 x 5 day Practical Horse Massage Intensive
20 hours external practical horse massage experience

Module Two:

Anatomy & Physiology for Equine Sports Massage Therapists (Deep Muscle Structure)
Equine Conformation and Movement
Equine Sports Massage Practice Management (Deep Tissue Therapy)
Equine Exercise Physiology

Second module practical requirements
1 x 6 day Practical Equine Sports Massage Intensive
40 hours external Equine Sports Massage Therapy Practical Experience
Equine Sports Therapy Case Studies

Each of your 8 subjects are assessed through the following:
2 fully researched and referenced Essays/Assignments
Study questions and online weekly discussions
Written examinations

Practical Assessment:
Reports on 60 Equine Therapy Treatments
Equine Sports Massage Therapy Case Studies
Supervised Practical Equine Sports Massage Skills Assessment
Submission of Video showing application of specialised Equine Therapy Techniques, offered by ACATT

Total Hours:

655 Hours run over two semesters (approx 12 Months)
Made up of:
420 hours Directed Study
100 hours Practical Instruction
90 Hours External Sports Therapy Practical Experience
30 hours External Equine Assessment
15 hours External Equine Gait Analysis Assessment
Self directed study is not included in the above hours, however is somewhere between 150 and 250 hours over the 12 months and includes optional online weekly webinars.
Our hours of study, professional guidance and indepth instruction is far more than you will find at any other college, please feel free to compare

Full fee for Certificate of Equine Sports Massage Therapy: $6690.00

Course fees cover:
Theory and Practical Intensive components
Horse Health Assessment Tools (stethoscope, thermometer and alcohol swabs)

Costs not covered:
Equine Massage Practical Intensive Accommodation (if required) and recommended text books.

Payment Plan:

Deposit: was $2890.00
Installments 10 x $400.00 (Includes Admin fee) Payable Monthly through Ezypay (Nominal account keeping fees apply with Ezypay. Initial fee of $2.20 and 0.36c + 1.749% of debt per transaction.)

In response to COVIC-19 we are offering this certificate in modules to ease your financial burden over time.
Module One: Introductory Horse Massage Techniques Full Fee: $3550.00
Module One Payment Plan: Deposit $1395.00 plus 5 x monthly payments of $400.00

Module Two: Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy Final Module Full Fee: $3550.00
Module Two Payment Plan: Deposit $1395.00 plus 5 x monthly payments of $400.00

Enrol with ACATT in Equine Massage, Horse Nutrition, Equine Therapy, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation

Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy
(Advanced/Remedial Horse Massage Therapy)

The following year program follows on from the Certificate of Equine Sport Therapy. Hence students undertake their first year in Sports Therapy and their second in the following advanced subjects. 

Graduates of this diploma are professionally qualified Equine Remedial Therapy Practitioners, who, in conjunction with the outcomes of the Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy, are qualified to 

- Treat horses with Myofascial Release (equine manipulation) and other advanced horse massage modalities
- Utilise deep MFR as a form of manipulation
- Provide professional care in assessment and formulation of balanced equine nutrition
- Deliver extensive professional support and advice in the area of equine health
- Utilise herbs and natural modalities in their equine professional practice
-Are proficient at the application of Equine Acupressure
- Design and implement rehabilitation programs for horses
- Treat chronic issues with a range of modalities 
- Proficient biomechanical assessment using slow motion video and computer based gait equine movement analysis. 

The final year of our program forms an Advanced Equine Massage Therapy Diploma which comprises 8 intensive subjects taken over two semesters:

Module One
Anatomy & Physiology for Equine Remedial Therapists
Remedial Equine Massage - MFR, Manipulation, Joint mobilisations and more
Equine Health
Equine Biomechanics
Equine Rehabilitative Training Module 1 (Research)

Practical Requirements
1 x Five day Practical Intensive (online) - Remedial Equine Massage, Myofascial Release, Mobilisation and Equine Manipulation Therapy
Supervised Management component for Module 1 Equine Sports Massage Practical Intensive
40 hours external Equine advanced massage practical work
Holistic Therapy for horses Case Studies
Equine Complementary Therapy Case Studies

Module Two

Equine Nutrition
Holistic Therapy for Horses
Complementary Tactile Therapy - Equine Acupressure/Shiatsu
Equine Rehabilitative Training Module 2 (prerequisite Remedial Therapy, Biomechanics)

Practical Requirements
1 x Five day Practical Intensive (online) - Acupressure and Rehabilitation for horses
Supervised Management component for Module 2 Equine Sports Massage Therapy Practical Intensive
40 hours external advanced horse massage techniques practical work
Equine Biomechanics Case Study
Equine Rehabilitation Program Method, Evaluation and Case Study
Case Studies in Equine Remedial Massage

Total Hours
This year comprises 800 hours run over two semesters (approx. 12 months).
In total, students will have completed a minimum of 1460 hours to gain the diploma.

Full fee for Diploma Modules $6050.00.

Course fees cover:
Theoretical and Practical components
Costs not covered: 
Practical Equine Therapy Intensive Accommodation (if required) and recommended text books.

Students can also elect to pay fees on our payment plan
Using this option:
Deposit due on enrollment $2450.00
Followed by 10 monthly installments of $400.00 (includes admin fee) payable through Ezypay (Nominal account keeping fees apply with Ezypay. Initial fee of $2.20 and 0.36c + 1.749% of debt per transaction.)

Graduates are qualified in Equine Remedial Massage (Advanced Horse Massage and Equine Manipulation), Equine Rehabilitation and Horse Health Care.

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