Equine Massage Therapy Courses. Teaching specialised massage strokes in a professional Equine Sports Therapy Qualification, with opportunities for continuing study in the Remedial Equine Therapy Diploma. ACATT Online courses develop your highly effective skills..

Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Australia's Premier Equine College for Horse Massage,
Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Equine Biomechanics, Equine Nutrition and Horse Health

The only approved provider of the Certificate of Equine Sports Massage Therapy and
Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy (Advanced Horse Massage) 

IICT Approved Trainer
COVID-19 has inspired us to make some changes!
All ACATT courses are COVID-19 Protocol compliant,
you will be fully guided as you complete every component of your course online.
Practical Intensives for you, will still provide personal guidance from your tutor, however online, so you can remain between your home, the stable or paddock.
You have no need to travel to us and yet will benefit greatly from one on one practical instruction.
You will benefit from reduced monthly payments associated with your payment plan, making attaining your career goal more easily achievable.
You now have the option of enrolling in a full Certificate or individual modules. Giving you increased choice in fee level and commitment to study.
COVID-19 brings an opportunity to expand in ways we did not think of before, we have expanded our course choices for you.
Take the opportunity and expand your skills into a new Equine Career.

Do you want a Reliable and Reputable Professional Equine College?
You cannot go past ACATT, our courses have been refined and offered since 1998, and our programs in Equine Massage, Equine Health and Nutrition
are the most professional comprehensive programs available in Australia

  Do you want exceptional skills and thorough indepth horse knowledge?
ACATT equine therapy courses are science based, extremely indepth and updated regularly to ensure all information is the latest available

Do you want knowledgeable and experienced teachers?
ACATT is highly selective on our choice of teachers, all are professionals, highly qualified in their equine therapy field whether it be equine massage, equine training, biomechanics, farriery, equine anatomy, horse nutrition or health. All tutors hold Training and Assessment Qualifications and have teaching experience to you receive optimum support

Do you want ongoing support and guidance throughout your study and into your career in Equine Therapy?
We provide excellent access to tutors while you are studying and after graduation we provide an ongoing network of support within the horse industry, ensuring you have the back up and confidence to succeed

Equine Therapy Courses, including equine massage, sports therapy, equine nutrition, Equine rehabiliation and horse health.

Professional Training Horse Massage Course, Equine Sports Massage Therapy, Equine Advanced Massage, Remedial Therapy, manipulation diploma Horse Massage,
Equine Sports Massage Therapy,
Remedial Therapy
Equine nutrition certificate, Equine Natural health qualification Equine Nutrition,
Health &
Natural Equine Care Certificates
Equine rehabiliation Certificate, Equine Biomechanics professional qualification Equine Biomechanics,
Equine Rehabilitation and Training
Professional Equine Therapy Training
ACATT Professional Equine Therapy College, horse massage course, equine sports massage therapy certificate, equine nutrition certificate, equine biomechanics qualification (gait analysis), Horse health and nautral care certificates
2021 Autumn Semester
commences 8th February
Enrolments are now open,

All practical Intensives are now run online to reduce travel and social contact in line with COVID19 restrictions. Email us today and secure your place in our upcoming intake

Equine therapy courses Inquiry package

Equine therapy courses Inquiry package

Host a Workshop
Horse Massage Courses and workshops
Horse Massage Workshops,
Learn to help your horse
Host a workshop in your area
Horse Nutrition and Equine Health courses and workshops
Horse Natural Health
Bach Therapy
Herbs and
Horse Nutrition Workshops
Equine training and biomechanics course and workshop
Horse Fitness and
Movement Workshops

Are you are ready for a journey of deep exploration and learning along with the development of highly effective practical skills in equine therapy?
ACATT is the college for you

We give you flexible online study plans
Our equine therapy courses are all online, and while we have a set timetable for our equine subjects, we are flexible in adjusting the work load to suit your available time, study at the time you want, on the day you want.

You will gain Equine Industry respect on Graduation
Being one of the longest operating equine colleges in Australia, our equine therapy graduates, both here and internationally, are highly respected. They are effective in their treatments, and known
for their knowledge, skills and thorough approach in horse treatment.

We operate to the highest professional standards and encourage the dissemination of information at all times,
In conjunction with our Professional Level Equine Certificates and Diploma,
we offer workshops in horse massage, horse nutrition, and horse training and biomechanical assessment. These are open to all horse owners and trainers to ensure they have access to quality information. 

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