Horse Massage Workshop, Where is your horse sore, learn to identify discomfort and massage with effect. Treat your horse with Equine Therapy and Horse Massage techniques.

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2 Day Horse Massage Workshop

Macclesfield, Vic: Dates for 2021 Coming Soon

This two day workshop will:
- Assist you to recognise if your horse has muscular issues
- Expand your skills to be able to assist
- Make you aware of what to do if you cannot get an equine therapist
- Give you skills to assess and know when you need a professional practitioner
- Give you confidence and guidance in supporting and enhancing your horse's performance.
You will learn
- How to assess your horse's movement
- How to find where or if your horse is sore
- Approximately 8 effective massage techniques
- How to formulate those techniques into a massage routine where your horse needs it
- How to recognise times when massage is not the answer
- How and when to use massage to enhance your horse's performance

The weekend is packed full of information that you can take away and apply effectively.
- You will go home able massage your horse, using new skills both you and your horse will enjoy.
- You will go home able to treat your horse when you cannot access a professional practitioner.

Along with knowledge and skills we will provide you:
- Detailed notes, for you to refer to later
- Morning and afternoon tea, and
- Guidance from highly qualified and experienced equine therapy practitioners.

Click here to view the photos of our last workshop, and read the comments from a few of those that attended.

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Fee: $495.00

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