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Guiding you on a natural path to care for all aspects of your horses wellbeing
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A Holistic View in the care of your Horse

What do we mean by Holistic?
In assisting you to care for the health of your horse we consider your horses'
          - Age
          - Health
          - Past History
          - Activity
          - Condition
          - Attitude
          - Housing

The Therapies we utislise are safe and can support health and behaviour management.
          - Bach therapy to assist in behaviour related issues
          - Biochemics - Tissue Salts - to assist in mineral balance and hence health
          - Herbs - a traditional method of assisting health
          - Acupuncture - used to rebalance the energy flow and hence well being
          - Dry needling to enhance movement
          - Nutritional Balancing - to ensure nutrients are correctly provided to enhance digestion
          - Homoepathic remedies may also be suggested

Bach Flower Remedies:
Bach Flower Remedies are directed at addressing the behavioural/emotional aspects of the horse.

This therapy was founded by Dr Edward Bach, who proposed that physical disease was preceded by an emotional or personality issue, and that by re balancing emotions,  the health of the individual will also improve. Bach Therapy uses flower essences to achieve this, a small dose of the appropriate essence or blend of essences selected from the range of 38 remedies is given at intervals throughout the day to assist in emotional/behavioural issues.

We have many people coming to us with behaviour and performance issues in their horses that do not appear to be due to training, health or diet, and treating with Bach flowers many riders report a significant change in these behavioural patterns of their horses.

In many cases, even greater benefits are obtain if both the horse and rider are given appropriate remedies, as this assists in reducing the transfer of emotions between horse and rider.

Tissue Salt Therapy also known as Biochemics:

Tissue Salts assist your Horse's Health by providing minerals in an easily assimilated form, which means they are readily taken up and utilised by the body.

Dr Schleussler, in the early 1900s, proposed the theory that an imbalance in the basic tissue minerals will bring about ill health, and that treatment was most beneficial when provided in an easily assimilated form, such as homoeopathy.

Tissue Salt Therapy may be beneficial for the horse in a wide variety of health conditions including weeping eyes, muscle tension and pain, symptoms of arthritis, poor hoof and coat condition, injury, abscesses and anxiety.


Homoepathics is a system of using small doses of substances to bring about a change in health, behaviour and performance, while we do not have a homoeopath on staff at ACATT, we do have a range of commercially available homeopathic remedies that we can utilise in the care of your horse.

Combining these therapies with herbs and a natural diet, we find the many issues can be resolved safely and finally.  

Safety of our therapies:

The therapies we use are extrememly safe, with many having no risk of side effects.  We always work on the premise of doing no harm.  If  there is no change seen to benefit the horse, epecially in the case of Bach Flowers, it is usually due to our incorrect assumptions of causes.   In this case we can then go back to the drawing board and fomulate a new mixture for your horse.
Veterinary consultation is always advised and our therapies are not a replacement for veterinary care.

Consultation Fee:
Phone consultation: $65.00 plus the cost of the remedy.
Clinic consultation: $110.00 plus the cost of remedies
Home consultation: $110.00 plus travel and the cost of the remedy.

All remedies are available from our clinic, feel free to order them should you know what you are after, there will be no consultation fee in this case.

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