Professional Equine Therapist offers Horse Massage, Equine Acupuncture Therapy, Sports Therapy, Manipulation, horse performance enhancement, rehabilitation..

Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Equine Massage, Sports Therapy, Remedial Therapy and Acupuncture

Providing your horse with effective professional therapy to enhance movement and optimise performance 

Equine Massage TherapyEquine Massage TherapyHorse MasseurEquine Sports Massage Therapist

Our Therapist
Christine Scully
BAppSci(Equine Studies)Hons Class 1 (C.Sturt)
BAppSci(Equine Studies)(C.Sturt)
Diploma Equine Acupuncture
Cert IV Training and Assessment
Cert Sports Massage (NMIT)
Cert Massage (NMIT)
Cert. Nat (NMIT)
Cert MFR

Christine has been practicing professionally since 1996.

Acupuncture for horsesEquine Acupuncture Therapist

Our Treatment Sessions

What we offer: 
- Equine Massage
- Sports Therapy including Neuro-Muscular Technique, Soft Tissue Release and Stretching
- Deep Tissue Therapy
- Myofascial Release and manipulation
- Mobilisation Techniques
- Acupressure
- Acupuncture
- Dry Needling
- Combine with Herbs, Nutrition, Natural Therapies or Rehabilitation as required

What are the benefits?
- Enhanced performance
- Reduction in muscle restrictions
- Increased range of motion
- Increased length of stride
- Increased freedom in the execution of activity
- Reduction in behavioural issues
- Reduced pain
- Resolution of muscle tension
- Identification of areas of discomfort and methods of addressing these
- Reduced risk of sports related injury
- Increased general health

What to expect from our Treatment Sessions:
- Full assessment prior to treatment
- On the first session slow motion video will be taken of the horse's movement
- Assessment of saddle fit
- Treatment using the techniques that will best assist in a resolution or reduction in the problem
- Full reassessment following treatment
- A plan for ongoing optimisation of movement and wellbeing.
- Education and guidance in carrying out the plan
- A computer generated report following the session
- Referral to a veterinary practitioner if required
- Session reports are sent to the veterinary practitioner of your choice if required.
- The initial session will last approximately 2 hours, subsequent sessions between 1 - 1.5 hours

How often should treatment occur?
Massage Therapies 
- Sessions are based on the reason for treatment
- In the case of pain or movement issue it is recommended that weekly treatments occur until the issue has
   reduced significantly - for most horses this is between 1 - 3 sessions. 
- Following this we would recommend a follow up approximately 2 - 4 weeks later.
- Where the issue is found to not be muscular you will be referred to the appropriate practitioner
- In the case of sports massage to enhance performance, we recommend maintenance 4 - 8 weekly
- If acupuncture is the main form of treatment, a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended
- These sessions would intially be weekly and may extend to fortnightly
- In some cases further treatments at fortnightly intervals will be recommended
- In all cases a follow up session 3 - 6 months later will be booked

Christine is fully qualified in human sports therapy, and has undertaken a number of post graduate human based massage courses, you too can make an appointment with Christine to reduce your pain and tension, and hence improve your movement.
This helps to reduce the transfer of musculoskeletal issues from rider to horse or visa versa,
This is a method to further optimise equine performance.

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