Providing a world class program in Equine Massage Therapy, equine nutrition, biomechanics and rehabilitation Courses. We aim for our graduates to be effective equine therapists, Others horse massage courses have copied us, but we provide the highest level of equine therapy training in Australia. ACATT Professional Online courses .

Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

ACATT Equine College Aims and Outcmes

The provision quality education and support of our students both during their study and beyond is our promise to all who enrol.

ACATT strives to deliver professional level, extensive education to all our students in the stream of their chosen horse interest.  
Our concern is to ensure that professional practitioners in the equine industry have a high level of knowledge, and are willing to impart this to their clients.  
In this way horse health care is enhanced and information is disseminated.  
Equine Assessment Equine Sports Therapy Discuss horse care with owners Assess horse post massage Horse movement assessment

ACATT's Aims for equine students are:

- To provide students with a flexible learning package that provides professional education in equine tactile therapy and natural health care.

- To provide students with theory and practical skills in natural health care and tactile therapies including Sports, Remedial and Acupressure.

- To provide support to our students and graduates in all areas of their study, client management and business development.

- To produce graduates that are highly knowledgeable and skilled.

- To ensure our graduates share their knowledge for the good of their clients and the horses they treat.

- To remain up to date with current trends and knowledge in the area of equine natural health.

- To expand our methods of delivery in response to student needs and demands.

- To continue to deliver the most extensive Equine therapy program available in Australia.

- To always have staff that are qualified, passionate and interested in the dissemination of information

- To ensure our Professional Graduates:

1. Understand the horse and its nature, and work to connect with the horse

2. Are very knowledgeable in equine anatomy and biomechanics

3. Have a thorough understanding of the importance of and how to provide a balanced diet.

4. Are proficient in their chosen area of Equine Therapy, providing thorough assessment and application of appropriate treatment.

5. Understand exercise physiology and the effects of exercise and training on the horse's body

6. Have a good understanding of equine health, along with the causes and signs of ill health

8. Are able to provide holistic equine health care advise.

9. Recognize the need for, and advise veterinary attention be sought where required.

10. Work with veterinarians as an integral part of the equine health management team

11. Have an understanding of business management, with practical and theoretical knowledge of team leadership.

12. Respect the rights and dignity of each individual horse and their carer, and at all times work to maintain a high level of professional competence.

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