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Information on Movement and Equine Gait Analysis

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Why does my horse drag his hind hooves?

Dragging of the hind limb in horses can be due to a number of factors, which may have a muscular or structural basis.
Some common issues I find that contribute to or cause the problem are
1. Problems in the biceps femoris muscle, this hindquarter muscle exerts its effect on both the hip and stifle. With problems here the horse will tend to scuff the hind limb during forward movement and the stride may be shortened.

2. Lumbo- sacral issues:
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Equine Gait Analysis History and Application

In 1878, a photographer by the name of Muybridge decided to investigate if“horses flew”. To do so he set up a line of cameras, each of which was tripped when an attached wire was hit by the chest of a galloping horse.

The development of film and video has allowed great advancement in the analysis of movement. Today the technology has come out of the lab and into the field.

Through the Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy (ACATT) Christine Scully offers gait analysis for selection and assessment of equine movement for masseurs and other practitioners. ACATT is the first Equine Therapy College using this technology in their study programs, Equine Movement Clinic and research.

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