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As a new ACATT student, and having just completed my 1st prac week, I just wanted to say how very impressed I am with ACATT.
I have previously completed an equine massage course at another facility, and felt there was so much that I hadn't learnt. When I looked at course structure at ACATT, I felt it was what I had missed, but it is sooo much more than that.
I am blown away by this course, the professionalism, the support, the structure and the subject matter is incredible.
After only 3 weeks I feel more confident in my knowledge than after 1 year of the previous course.
The support in prac was amazing. Having a minimum of 3 tutors meant there was always someone able to help to ensure that by the end of the week we were using correct techniques in the correct manner.
Taking vital signs was never mentioned in the previous course, and while I am still not fond of taking the temperature, I understand the importance.
The comprehensive study of hoof care and anatomy as well as the behaviour all adds to us having confidence when we finish to go out and make an impact.
I could go on and on, but I just wanted to say how glad I am to be part of this, and to all the old, new and current students, how lucky we are to be a part of such a great learning facility. … I will admit though my mind is a bit blown away with all the learning!!!! But loving it. 
Michelle Coleman.
Student Cert EST (ACATT)

It is the knowledge we learn from you that stands us apart from other horse masseurs, and the fact we can ask for help and you give us more is the difference.
I love that you give us so much equine knowledge to pass to our clients, allowing us to share and help in many areas with a sound scientific background.
So different to many others we see out there practicing.
Many thanks for your consistent help and advice.
Shauleen Rooney.
Dip Equine Acupuncture

Hi Christine. I want to thank you for giving me such a good grounding in horses when I attended your massage course at the start of being involved with horses. Whilst totally 'green', in fact, bright green, at the time, I never forgot all the lessons taught. I am forever drawing upon your wise words, especially those about looking for the source of a horse's adverse or unwanted behaviour. I have a valuable resource library to turn to and a solid understanding of the biology and physiology of the horse. The course set me up to always keep an open mind and to continue my ongoing development.
Sara Dyer Student Cert EST

Winque Equine Therapies 19 August 2012 · To finish the Diploma in Animal Tactile Therapy at ACATT (Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy) involves over 1,400 hours or theory and practical work, including 140 massages and 6 weeks of prac work. You cover in-depth anatomy, conformation, biomechanics, hoof care, nutrition and exercise physiology. We do basic relax, sports and remedial massage including myofascial release therapy, trigger points and swedish massage. We also cover alternative therapies like shiatsu, bowen, tissue salts, bach and herbal remedies. You know any graduate from ACATT has without doubt the most comprehensive education offered in Australia. In addition to the one and two year courses, ACATT also offers one and two day workshops for those just wanting to know enough to do maintenance massages, as well as specialised topics such as nutrition and gait analysis. Speak to the college principal, Christine Scully or check out their website for details of upcoming short courses. You can also check out their website for ACATT graduates near you if you are looking for a equine massage therapist near you.
Monique Batterham Winique Therapies

Thank you for your support, you guys are great at what you do.
Raine Pugh.
Cert EST,
Student DipETT. (ACATT)

A Magic Goop testimony. Grandson had a nasty spill of his bike trying to jump something and got caught by the end of his handle bars in the ribs. Got left with a nasty painful graze about an inch wide and 3 inches long with the bruising visably building behind it. Applied goop and ice twice in a 90 minute period and all he is left with now is the graze. There is no bruising and very little pain. Went from a very distressed little boy to back on his bike and having another go (ok.. so I cringed ...just a little) just 3 hours later. You can buy your Magic Goop supply from ACATT.
Leonne Carman.
CertIV Training and Assessment

Christine - another good plug for ACATT.
I went to massage a horse yesterday and was told it has ripped flesh off of people (literally).
When I got there it was ears back and all threats. I got the horse so relaxed that a couple of times it nearly fell over.
I could tell the scap was super tight but every time I went near it the horse got nasty. So I got the horse as relaxed as possible and did some leg circle work with the forelegs to get the area loose and went in and did the scap release.
The owner was amazed - the last massage therapist could not do that - and the last person was a Tafe horse massage teacher!!
Go ACATT!! And thanks Christine for being an amazing teacher.
Monique Batterham


Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for coming to our rally yesterday. I had a lot of very positive feedback - which is wonderful . . . (considering I could hear a few groans from members when they saw "Theory" on the rally plan at the start of the day!) You made the theory session fun and informative and I think having the horses involved helped a lot!! As mentioned at the rally, I would be very happy to book you in again next year. I will be in touch early in 2017.
Kim Ward
Yarra Glen Pony Club

Christine Scully you DO have magic hands! Chalet has NEVER felt better!!!

Christine Scully you are amazing.... As she is leaving " I found Chalet a little sore over his wither on the right side too" me.." Oh yes, he started head tilting to the left the last few rides / I forgot about that, that explains it then!, I thought it was me!" Lol x your a star Christine!!!

Update on first ride post treatment- we got our shwung back !!!! :) 

We WON!!!!!!! thankyou again!!!! xxxxx he felt AMAZING!
I am so very thankful to Christine and the team at ACATT for keeping my dressage pony sound and comfortable. Her knowledge and techniques are second to none. I highly recommend ACATT practitioners for looking after the wellbeing and soundness of your horse for any discipline. The knowledge of anatomy and treatments are outstanding and extremely affordable!
Jodie Barton
Horse Riding Instructor

Thank you Christine for your wonderful treatment of Jimmy. You took a very sore horse who was obviously suffering and after a course of treatments put him in a position where he could return to work and competition jumping.
Joan Hepp

Thank you Christine for your assisting with my foundering pony. You are a great help to me and all my horses.
Karen Brown

Christine you have done a simply brilliant job with our horses.
Spotting what others could not see, working so hard and making so much difference to their movement and jump.
The horses love to see you even if its just for maintenance, mentally and physically it makes them and us feel great!
Thank you so much!!
Janne Hayes

Had to let you know ~ Mystique had three days off physio and brought her in yesterday. Well she was vroom. Stepped over uneven poles. Then took off bucking broncing n snorting. Slowed her up to lovely passage work, Feeling good. I jumped on bareback and she was so supple. Then lunged again.  Remarkable improvement. Thank you darling lady xx 

Good morning gorgeous lady, a happy update to report. Mystique still smiling after acupuncture yesterday, & marching up for herbal mash smile emoticon at walk in straight line still appears to have full shoulder pendulum swing. Lets hope we've tracked the rehab into full recovery (even if only for trail riding xx) THANKS BE TO YOU !!!

Magic hands, what can I say xx but a huge holistic thank you
Stefanie Hall
Dressage Rider.
Comments made throughout 2014

I have owned a 21 year old ex western Appy, Ledger, for 4 years now, and in that time I have had so many equine chiro's, physio's, acupuncturists, vets and saddle fitters come and look at Ledger because he has an issue with his saddling up.
I was told it was his girth, his saddle,his back but nobody could find the cause of his fits.
He was collapsing all legs to the ground and falling over on to what ever was in the way. I was even told he had a mental problem.
Then I was introduced to Christine Scully. After the first visit she was unsure what she was dealing with, but when I went for a ride the following day I couldn't believe the difference in him, this gave Christine and I some hope of helping ledger with this awful problem, she never put him in the to hard basket like all the others.
Christine kept coming and smoothing out all his lumps and bumps, poor ledger had so many different sore spots that it took Christine 5 visits before she found the problem.
He had back, neck, hamstring, lower back problems not until she fixed all them and worked on his shoulder did he show her his pain. When she touched his shoulder he almost went down on all 4's and that's when she knew she had found his pain.
Poor ledger was compensating all over his body because of his shoulder, now Christine is fixing this with her magic hands.
She didn't put ledger in the to hard basket, her patience has paid off, he hasn't fallen to the ground since and his pain is going with every visit.
You can tell Ledger is enjoying the outings more and saddling isn't a worry for him as much. I want to thank Christine for her stubbornness and her persistence.
My old boy deserves a great retirement of riding once a week down a few dirt roads for some grass, now it's even better as he is almost free of pain.
Thank you Christine from the bottom of mine and Ledger's heart. Forever in your Debt,
Carol Campbell

Thank you Christine!! As I said the other day, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!! My horse will be going out for a very well deserved spell once she gets home :)
Nicky Hayes

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