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Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Horse Massage Workshops

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We are happy to bring the courses anywhere in Australia and Internationally.

Horse Massage 
2 day Workshop

Horse Massage
1 day Workshop
We bring our workshops to you,

thus they are offered in your location to enable participation by more horse interested people in your area.
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2 Day Horse Massage Workshop

This two day workshop will assist you in recognising muscular issues with your horse and expand your understanding of when you can assist your self and when you need a professional practitioner.
You will be guided in your learning by highly experienced and qualified instructors who focuso n ensuring you gain in knowledge and experience.  

You will learn
- Basic equine anatomy
- Horse movement
- Approximately 8 simple and effective massage techniques
- How to formulate those techniques into a massage routine
- How to recognise when it is not safe to massage a horse
- How to utilise massage as part of your training regime

The weekend is packed full of information that you can take away and apply effectively.
You will be able to apply a full body massage by the end of the weekend so that you are able to go home and apply your new skills to your horse.

Fee: $390.00

1 Day Horse Massage Workshop

This one day course provides owner riders hands on experience in massage.
The techniques can then be applied to your horse with effect and safety.
You will complete the workshop with a valuable skill to include in your horse care regime

You will learn:
- Approximately 5 basic massage strokes and where to apply them
- How to apply the strokes safely for you and the horse
- How to recognise when it is not safe to apply horse massage
- Formulation of a basic massage routine. 

Fee: $200.00

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