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Equine Health & Nutrition Certificate

IICT Approved Trainer, ACATT Equine Therapy College Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Health Certificates

Certificate of Equine Nutrition

Certificate of Equine Health

Certificate of Equine Natural Care

2018 Spring Semester
commences 23rd July

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Equine Nutrition Certificate and Equine Natural Health Courses, Learn horse nutrition and feeding

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Do you fully understand feeding horses?

Do you have useful and adequate knowledge on equine health?

Does a lack of knowledge about
equine health and feed frustrate you?

These certificates provide you this knowledge and more.

The course content is science based, expansive and fully supported.

Certificate of Equine Nutrition

This course delivers education in the area of equine nutrition, anatomy, health and business to allow the graduate to develop a business in equine nutritional management or incorporate the knowledge into current employment.
Following completion of this course, graduates will have the skills to  
- develop their equine nutrition business,
- provide nutritional assessment,
- formulate balanced diets
- rebalance diet in relation to work and health
- provide logical nutritional advice to clients.

Subjects Covered
Anatomy & Physiology of Internal Systems
Equine Clinical Nutrition
Equine Health
Business Management

Practical Requirements:
Case Studies

Total Hours: 280 hours (approx 6 months)

Full fee for Certificate of Equine Nutrition: $2238.00

Payment Plan:
Deposit on Enrolment $1198.00
then 3 instalments of $405.00 payable monthly.

Enrol with ACATT in Equine Massage, Horse Nutrition, Equine Therapy, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation

Certificate of Equine Health

Having completed the Certificate of Equine Health graduates will have the knowledge and skills to
- Assess equine health and offer effective advice
- Assess equine movement and identify annomalies
- Assess and provide advice on Equine Handlign and Behaviour
- Use basic Herbs and other natural modalities in equine care
- Provide equine rehabilitation services in relation to health and movement
-  Assess hoof balance and provide advice in the effect on movement
- Assess equine dietary balance and formulate a balanced diet in relation to activity and health

Subjects Delivered
Module 1
Anatomy & Physiology One
Conformation and Movement
Equine Handling & Behaviour

Module 2
Anatomy & Physiology (Three) of Internal Systems
Holistic Therapies
Rehabilitative Training (completed over 2 semesters)
Equine Health

Module 3
Business Management
Hoof Care
Equine Nutrition

Practical Requirements
Case Studies - Conformation, Nutrition and Holistic Therapies
Research Project - Rehabiliation
Total Hours 750 hours / 1 ½ years

Total Fee for the course: $5200.00

The following payment plan is also available:
Amount Due on enrolment: $1600.00
Plus 10 monthly payments of $405.00

Course fees cover: All tuition costs.
Costs not covered: text books.come:

Enrol with ACATT in Equine Massage, Horse Nutrition, Equine Therapy, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation

Certificate of Equine Natural Care

This course provides equine carers with extensive education, graduates of this course will
- Manage equine health using a science based knowledge of health, disease processes and nutrition
- Formulate balanced diets in relation to health status and activity
- Utilise basic herbs, Tissue Salts and Bach Therapy in health and behaviour management
- Understand the hoof mechanis and its relationship to movement
- Have a basic understanding of business and marketing to allow commencement of business.

Subjects Delivered

Module One:
Anatomy & Physiology One
Equine Health
Equine Hoof Care
Business Management

Module Two:
Holistic Therapies
Equine Nutrition
Anatomy & Physiology (Three)

Practical Requirements:
Minor Case Studies in relation to Holistic Therapies Subject
Main Case Study – Health Analysis, Therapy implementation and Assessment.
This case study is completed following completion of all theoretical subjects to integrate fully the students learning and practical application

Total Hours: 460 hours (12 months)


Full Fee for the course is $3810.00

The following payment plan is available:
Amount Due on enrolment: $1650.00
Plus 6 monthly payments of $405.00

Course Fees cover:
Subject Fees, Health Assessment Pack.
Costs not covered: Text books 

Enrol with ACATT in Equine Massage, Horse Nutrition, Equine Therapy, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation

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