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ACATT Professional Course Structure - External Study

Courses are structured as external study
With 2 modules per year each comprising 4 subjects per semester.
Students are able to select to undertake these modules part time

External Study
Internal Practical Intensives
On line access
Qualified Tutors
Flexible delivery
Full Support throughout and beyond

ACATT is committed to the delivery of professional level equine therapy courses, and through communication with individual students. will ensure their study load is feasible given other demands on the students' time.  

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How our Equine Therapy Courses are run


ACATT offers all courses via distance education, with online interaction with tutors. Each semester comprises four modules which are required to be completed prior to commencing on the next stage of the course.

We have an online message board that is an integral part of the student's assessment tasks and also provides a place for discussion in relation to study and horses seen outside the college.

All courses have a strict timetable which is provided to students at the commencement of their semester, included in this timetable is the due dates for all assessment tasks.

Students can elect to undertake their studies full or part time allowing flexibility in study plans, ensuring the work level fits within their available time.

The Certificate of Equine Sports Therapy and the Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy have internal practical intensives associated with the massage subjects.   Students must attend these to gain the skills required to effectively deliver Horse Massage, Equine Sports Therapy and Manipulation technques taught at the college.


Assessment tasks may be theoretical, practical or both dependant on the stream the student elects to undertake, and students are required to submit their assessment tasks at the times stated unless other arrangements have been made with the college.

Generally all subjects have at least 3 assessment tasks all of which must be sumitted to gain a pass in that module.

Practical assessment is undertaken at the practical intensives for the Equine Sports Therapy Certificate and the Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy, students are also required to submit client reports and case studies to show they have the skills and understanding to effectively treat horses with the horse massage techniques they have learned. 

Duration of Study

Courses vary in length from 6 months - 2 years dependant on the area and level of study being undertaken.
The length of time for each specific certificate or diploma is outlined in the Courses section of this website.

Students are able to elect to undertake their study full or part time.  In undetaking a course part time the student will inform the college of how many units they wish to undertake in the up coming semester, the college will allocate the subjects in level of importance in relation to other subjects having been complete or being studied at the same time.
We endevour to ensure students are not over stretched considering the study level of the modules and the demands on students' time outside of studying with ACATT.  

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