Equine sports massage therapist, specialising in biomechanics, acupuncture for horses and equine nutrition. Christine Scully Equne Rehabilitation specialist, horse injury treatment and equine recovery. Trainer in Equine massage, delivering ACATT Online courses..

Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy

Christine Scully ACATT Director, Principal and Chief Educator

Christine provides professional services from the ACATT Clinic in Macclesfield.

Equine and Canine Massage Therapy
Equine and Canine Biomechanics Assessment
Equine and Canine Acupuncture
Horse Nutrition
and Natural care.
BAppSci (Equine Studies)
Honours Class 1 (C.Sturt)
Diploma Equine Acupuncture
Cert IV Training and Assessment
Cert Sports Massage (NMIT)
Cert Nat (NMIT)
Cert MFR

Christine's commitment is to providing highly professional services in
Equine Massage, Sports Therapy, manipulation and acupuncture.

To facilitating a high standard of learning in her students,

and to educate her clients in
Equine Training, Rehabilitation, Health and Nutrition.
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Christine Scully

Christine's aim is to provide highly professional services in horse massage, equine manipulation, Equine Sports Therapy, acupuncture, slow motion video and gait analysis.  Also offering services in natural management, balanced nutrition, herbs and holistic treatments, Christine always works to enhance her clients and students'  knowledge. 

Christine has had involvement with horses for much of her life, and since 1987 has been committed to enhancing their care . In 1992 Christine undertook the Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine Studies) at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, (Australia) and finished there being the first person to gain First Class Honours (Equine Studies). A major component of Christine's study was equine gait analysis, where she developed an analysis program to assess the response to training in dressage horses. 

Following her degree, Christine worked as a lecturer at the University and at TAFE, prior to returning to Melbourne. Since her return to Melboune, Christine has gained formal training in massage and sports therapy, becoming a Certified Sports Therapist and completed a Naturopathy Certificate, she has also successfully undertaken studies in Veterinary Botanical Medicine, Myofascial Release, Chinese Cupping, Theta Healing, Acupuncture and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Christine was a founding member of the first Holistic Animal Therapy Association of Australia (HATTA), and remain involved on the committee as Treasurer and Course Accreditation Officer for some years. through this, community lectures, writing for "Chaff Chat", "Small Talk", "Horse Talk", and "Horses and People" magazines, plus doing volunteer welfare work with horses in Egypt, Christine has assisted in the spread of equine care knowledge to Equine Practitioners and the general horse owner.

After much pushing from clients, and those that were dissatisfied with courses they had undertaken elsewhere, Christine formulated the Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy, which was first offered in 1998. Mid 2000 saw the formation of the Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy and the business was formally registered in 2001.  

The Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy was the first course of its kind to be offered in Australia, and much research was undertaken in its formulation.  The Australian equine industry at the time, as it is now, was in need of and demanding knowledgeable, highly skilled Equine Massage Therapists in Australia.

Since the initial inception of this course, ACATT, under the guidance of Christine Scully, has continuously updated and developed thi s course and others to ensure students are given expansive education with much flexibility in the outcomes of their study, and that their learning reflects that which is needed and demanded in the industry.

Christine is committed to community service, the provision of high quality professional education, and the provision of highly skilled professional tactile therapists to take their knowledge and share it to those that work and play in the equine industry.

1993 saw the commencement of Christine applying massage as part of dressage training management, and in the following year her mare Glenellen Park Chantilly, sustained a bad fall, leaving her with very little sensation in her hind quarter and back. Despite the poor prognosis of fractured Lumbar vetebrae and pelvic iliac crest given following veterinary investigations, Christine  turned her massage and training skills to rehabilitation. As a result of this program, and the incorporation of both herbs and homoeopathy in Chantilly's care, Chantilly remains healthy with good movement at the age of 33. (2015).  

This experience lead Christine to treat many horses to truly assess the outcomes of massage, stretching and specific physical exercises. The results were fantastic. Lameness resolved, movement was enhanced, performances improved, attitudes improved, bad behaviours like bucking, pig rooting and biting disappeared, and riders began to enjoy their time with their horse again. It was from here that Christine began her first equine related business, Equine Holistic Health. 

Christine has always had a passion for Video Gait Analysis and in 2011 she finally had the opportunity to purchase a purpose built high speed camera and the ACATT clinic was expanded to include Computer Based Video Gait Analysis.  Christine now offers this service for pre purchase examination, to assess a horses' response to treatment, the affects of hoof balance, to provide vets with a specific report on equine movement in relation to movement problems and injury. From 2015 Christine provides a slow motion service to all clients on the initial consultation, in this way she can have a base line from which to assess should the horse require referral for veterinary consultation.

Horse managment is the key to successful performance and long term health, through experience Christine has found that by managing diet in the most natural way possible, by ensuring our horses live in the most natural way possible, and by providing adequate movement possibilities on healthy feet, horses appear and act in a healthy manner and provide the level of optimum performance desired by the owner.  

In her opinion  as horse owners we must take charge, and allow horses to have access to quality, chemical free pastures, and a diet containing a balanced assortment of beneficial natural products.
We must provide our horse with an opportunity to socialize and undertake mutual grooming with their own kind, thus caring for their psychological wellbeing.
We need to train with a high awareness of the physiology involved in exercise and assess our partner daily with knowledgeable hands, applying massage to relieve any muscular issue before a problem develops into a lameness or other performance issue.

Through developing a true understanding of our horses, their physical and emotional needs, we can help to develop a life that is a great pleasure for our equine friend. With these few simple steps toward holistic care we provide our horses with the best possible opportunity for health and happiness.

Christine welcomes all on this journey to provide the horse with a better future, may all people involved with horses work to enhance the understanding of this majestic animal, may all horse carers and partners realize the importance of, and insist on, natural nutrition and good pastures as the basis of all horse care.

Feel free to contact Christine about your horse's management, the professional or special interest courses offered by the College or use of our Equine Movement Clinic Services, she welcomes your questions and is always happy to provide advise to enhance the wellbeing of horses. You can contact us by email, or ring us, you will find the details below.

Enjoy taking care yourselves and your equine friends

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